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Inspired by Paper I - II


I. Exhibition: 30 November / 28 December 2018
II. Exhibition: 4 - 15 February 2019


I. Exhibition: Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center / Famagusta
II. Exhibition: Atatürk Culture Center / Nicosia 

Curator: Zehra Şonya

Artists :

Alexandra Deutsch / Almanya  Anita Bel / İngiltere, Anna Bludau – Hary / Almanya, Canan Topaloğlu / Türkiye,  Carolina Lerrea / Şile, Christian Gut / İsviçre,  Dagmar Reiche /Almanya,  Elena Osterwalder / ABD  Elizabeth Mackie / ABD, Else van  Baarle / Hollanda, Emel Samioğlu / Kıbrıs, Florence Pinson-Ynden / Çin, Gail Stiffe / Avusturalya, Gerda Ritzmann / İsviçre, Haans Christian Viering / Almanya, Helene  Tschacher / Almanya, Ina  Fekken / Netherland, İnci Kansu / Kıbrıs, Inez Fritschy / Almanya, Irene Rammensse / Almanya, İrina Patt / Fillandiya, İsmet Tatar / Kıbrıs, Julie McLaughlin / ABD,  Jytte Rasmussen / Danimarka, Lesley Hass / ABD, Magda Sobon / Polanya, Marie-Claire Meier /İsviçre, Marie-Jose Gustave / Kanada, May-Lucy Süess / İsviçre, Michelle Samour / ABD, Miroslawa Truchta-Nowicka / Polonya, Nobuko Murakami / Fransa, Pat Hodson / İngiltere, Reante Martinsdorf – Henrici / Almanya, Renate Habinger / Avusturya,  Simge Uygur /Kıbrıs, Susanne  Holzinger / Almanya, Susanne  Zehnder / Avustursalya, Sybille Berger-Jenisch / Almanya, Waltraud Zinsser/ Almanya.

About Exhibition

The touring exhibition titled "Inspired by Paper" that began in April 2016 and organized by the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA), which was established in 1986, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Association has met with the art-lovers in Cyprus following its tours in countries including Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Israel, Poland and Sweden. The project conducted by EMU Center for Cyprus Studies on behalf of EMU Rector's Office with the initiative of the honorary president of the Cyprus Paper Artists Association (KKSD) İnci Kansu, has finally arrived Cyprus after a period of 2 years since it was first established. Four Cypriot artists who are also members of IAPMA increased the number of works of art as well as artists participating in the exhibition by contributing to the IAPMA member exhibition.

Associations working for the development of paper art in essence end the creation process with the addition of artistic images and contents to the materials that they transform from waste paper and natural threads. When viewed from this aspect, recovering the lost values such as environmentalist and nature-friendly approaches as well as recycling are important. Moreover, when the technical processes applied are taken into consideration, paper-art plays a vital role in the re-establishment of loss bonds with the nature. Each artist uses his/her own materials and different applications and techniques. There is also a structure open to individual experiments and changes that can end with unexpected outcomes. Therefore, this structure is the reason of the diversity and distinctness of the experiment. Although the essential material of all artworks is paper, every artwork has its own content and materials. The artist is given freedom and the distinctness are increased by the opportunities provided to the artists such as accepting any shades of colors and, three-dimensional applications as well as two-dimensional works of art.

The Association aims to hold an exhibition in two different places in two different Cypriot towns, from different perspectives pertaining to the spatial features of the places.

Zehra Şonya 

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